Indoor Ride Registration

Perimeter Bicycling Association of America is the non-profit organization that has staged El Tour de Tucson for 35 years. That organization has made it possible for us to raise $47.5 million toward polio eradication and they need our help.

There is no cost to register for the Indoor Ride to End Polio as an individual or as a team. BUT in. addition to registering with Rotary, we encourage you to choose one of the two packages described below and help ensure that El Tour de Tucson, and thus the Ride to End Polio remain viable. Thank you for your consideration.

Please download and read our Indoor Ride to End Polio Frequently Asked Questions before proceeding to register. You may download them here: FAQ 2018 Indoor Ride

You may register for the Indoor Ride for Polio using this form. Please right click on the link and choose “save as.” If on a Mac, use [control click]. If you are registering as an individual, please complete only the relevant portions.  Indoor Ride to End Polio Registration

HELP KEEP EL TOUR DE TUCSON and the Ride to End Polio viable. Please choose one of these additional, optional registration packages to help support Perimeter Bicycling. It is fair to all concerned and will build good will.

  • $13. Perimeter Bicycling will provide each registered rider with an electronic certificate and electronic bib number.  Upon completion of the ride, the rider will receive from Perimeter Bicycling an electronic certificate of completion.  ($3 included covers the expense of registering online.) Register here.
  • $23. Available only for riders in the United States. Riders on teams in the United States who pay the full $23 registration fee and who complete the indoor ride will receive an Indoor El Tour de Tucson medal in addition to the above listed items. ($3 included covers the expense of registering online.) Register here.

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