We are pleased to announce that we have finalized arrangements with Pactimo, a ride sponsor and our exclusive supplier of Ride to End Polio clothing. We heard from many of you that are not cyclists that you wish there were other styles available. In response we have added men’s and women’s running tops to the store.
The store will remain open indefinitely as long as we continue to place orders.
The clothing is almost identical to that sold last year and pictured above. Note that delivery typically takes about five weeks from the closing of the store.
To access the store and place your order, please follow these instructions. Each person ordering will pay for product and shipping at time of order, which is why you are asked to establish an account. Your order will be sent directly to you by Pactimo. Please check and double check your order before paying.To place orders within the store, instruct your team mates to do the following,

1. Go to www.pactimo.com

2. Click on Custom sign in/team stores at the top of the page.

3. Enter the team password (endpolionow)

4. Register for a personal account (you must do this to place an order). After you do you will be taken to the team store to order. Before ordering, PLEASE READ THE PARAGRAPH BELOW ON SIZING.


Pactimo offers sizing charts for men’s unisex and bib, and women’s sizes, which are the correct charts for the products we are purchasing (Pactimo’s Continental Line).You can access their sizing chart at the following link. Note that Pactimo clothing tends to run small and sizes differ for every manufacturer so please check and recheck. If you think you are right on the boundary between two sizes, it usually works to go with the larger sizes. Since every order is custom, refunds are absolutely not possible. Pactimo tells me that the chart is reliable.

If you are ordering with a team and want to order more than 20 pieces, Pactimo will send you a fit kit with sizing samples. They will want a credit card for deposit.


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  • Alan Dodds:


    I am trying to see if its possible to get hold of your Rotary cycling kit and get it sent to the UK. I am cycling the whole length of the UK – Lands End in England to John O’Groats in the north of Scotland starting on July 7th. By then I will be President of the Thrapston and Raunds Rotary Club and want to raise awareness of Rotary and raise some money for charities at the same time as I do the, roughly, 1000 mile journey.

    The UK agents of Pactimo seem to think its not possible but I wonder if it can be done?

    Obviously i need to know what the costs are before making a commitment but you advise would be very helpful.

    I can arrange payment in the US if needed?

    I look forward to hearing from you.


    Alan Dodds
    President Elect
    Thrapston and Raunds Rotary Club

    • Alan,

      Go ahead and place your order. If it is for more than one person, they will ship the entire order to you for distribution. Enjoy the clothing, and please pay attention to sizing information on the website.

  • energyguyoly:


    I have a message into our project manager at Pactimo here in the states to see if they can ship directly to the UK? We are in a bit of a mess with them right now because there is demand for this clothing in many countries outside the US. I will be back as soon as I have some information. If you would, please send me your email address at garyhirsch1@gmail.com so we can communicate directly.


  • Ken Drummond:


    I’m wanting to buy a men’s jersey and would be interested to know the outcome of your enquiry about shipping to the UK.

    My email is kendeedesigns@live.co.uk


    Ken drummond

  • We purchased our Tour de Kent team kit direct from Pactimo in Nov 2012, but others we passed the link to came back saying Pactimo did not export to the UK!!!

    The jerseys and shorts are great and are very photogenic which helps with us promoting Rotary and End Polio Now. Go for the next size up as they are sized somewhat small.

    Anyway, our Tour de Kent ride starts 15th July so wish us luck.



  • Rob:

    I placed an order a few weeks ago. When does thee store “close” to process thee order? Thank you.

  • Lyle Ryan:

    I tried to access the pactimo website to order a jersey and it states the store is closed, contact D5500. Are they not available anymore?

    • energyguyoly:

      I am sorry for your inconvenience.The store is supposed to be perpetually open. I’have a call into Pactimo and they usually fix this within one day. Please try again.

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