PRE-RIDE DINNER NOVEMBER 21 AT 6 PM. Sign up to join Rotarian Cyclists, friends, family and supporters for our pre-ride dinner on November 21. Follow this link to sign up. The cost is $30 at the door.

Download the application to register and ride in Tucson here.

Complete the online application to ride in the Indoor Ride to End Polio here.

Follow this link to our photo gallery

Follow this link to order Rotary Cycling or Running Clothing


In four years the Rotary Ride to End Polio has raised more than $3 million for Polio Plus, enough money to fund about 5 million doses of polio vaccine. Imagine the difference the ride has made. For the past 2 years Rotary General Secretary John Hewko has joined us as the ride achieves greater and greater prominence.

There are so many ways to participate practically every Rotarian can find a way to be a part of the ride in 2014.

Join us in Tucson and ride anywhere from 3 miles in the Fun Ride to the full 104 miles distance. Gather pledges for each mile you ride.

  • Help your club organize and field a team of cyclists in Tucson.
  • Hop on a stationary bike at home, at the gym, on military bases or anywhere you can find one and gather pledges for each minute you ride.
  • Take a lead in your club to help raise funds in support of the ride.
  • Volunteer to staff the Rotary Aid Station or the Rotary Booth at the finish line.

Join us in 2014. PLEASE NOTE THAT TO RIDE FOR ROTARY, you must use the special Rotary Ride to End Polio application, which should be available shortly. Please do not register directly with Perimeter Cycling.


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  • Looking forward to my second ride with the group. Last year was fantastic! Hope I can get a few more riders from my District.

  • energyguyoly:

    That would be terrific Bruce. We’d love to see you again and some more riders from your district. We’ve begun our planning for 2013 and its looking good. Tucson Orthopedic Institute is a sponsor again and has agreed to purchase a new Rotary Canopy for use at our Finish Line Booth.

  • It is indeed an honour for the riders who rode for the cause.

    I will try my best to be the part of this campaign with my branded “END POLIO NOW” cycle.


    Rtn. Faheem Asghar
    Executive Secretary, Rotary Club of Lahore Sharqi
    President Elect, Rotary Club of Lahore Sharqi
    Member, Rotary Showcase Promotion 2013-14
    Member, Pakistan National Polio Plus Committee 2011-14
    Chair Polio Plus Committee, Rotary Club of Lahore Sharqi
    Cell: 0092321 8487873
    Email: faheem.rotary@gmail.com
    FB: Faheem.Asghar.14101971

  • Bruce Nicholls:

    Hi Bruce Mackey, I’m coming back from Sydney in 2013 just to ride with you again!

    See you in November.

    Bruce Nicholls

  • I cannot figure out how to donate. When I click “donate,” I go to PayPal where I have a choice to buy, sell, or transfer funds.

    Buy or sell do not seem right, so I selected Transfer. I was then asked for my email and the email of the payee.

    Since I do not know the email of the payee, I was not able to donate.

    No joy here!


  • Dear,

    I Faheem Asghar is member of Rotary Club Lahore Sharqi RID-3272 and also member Pakistan Polio Plus Committee.



    I am willing to attend this RIDE.

    Thanking you

    Rtn. Faheem Asghar
    +92 321 8487873

  • Planning for the 2014 Rotary District 5500 Ride to End Polio has begun. This year, let’s get Rotarians around the world riding their trainers indoor to raise money for polio. Join the 2014 “Indoor El Tour.” More information and applications soon.

  • Doug Biggs:

    Any chance that this year there will be a system in place where we can create an online fundraising page? That seems to becoming an increasingly popular, and simple way of gathering donations, particularly from friends and family not within arm twisting length.

    • energyguyoly:

      It is already possible to make online donations at http://ridetoendpolio.org. Those go through Paypal and it is possible to designate which rider you are supporting. We can certainly look at alternatives. Any ideas?

  • Doug Biggs:

    One system that is used for some local rides I participate in is firstgiving.com. The idea is to be able to create your own personalized pledge site, and direct friends family and fellow rotarians to that site. Utilizing the ridetoendpolio site makes it challenging for me to know who among my donor list has contributed, particularly if they didn’t designate the rider.

  • Tom Parsons:

    Energy Guy
    Can you contact me, please. I am with Tucson Sunset and we would like to discuss some ideas? YIR

  • Good afternoon,

    I’ve been trying to get hold of one of your “End Polio Now” cycling jerseys but Pactimo don’t ship to the UK and the UK arm of Pactimo cannot get the design from their US office.

    How would you feel about setting up a Team Store on the UK Pactimo site? I am sure that there would be demand for the jerseys. Alternatively, would you release the design to the Rotary Club of Eynsham so that we could set up a Team Store with Pactimo UK?

    Best regards

    Geoff Powell
    Vice President
    Eynsham Rotary Club

    • energyguyoly:


      I’ve got a full week of full day meetings.I will try to get in touch with the folks in the UK and see if we can set up a store.
      Thanks for asking,

  • Doug Biggs:

    Looking back on this year’s Ride to End Polio, I just wanted to thank the organizers for making this the most successful and enjoyable ride yet, and of course thank the Rotary International staff for raising the bar to unheard of heights on fundraising. They were also incredibly inspirational in their efforts out on the road. They were the fastest, but they definitely had the biggest hearts! I’m looking forward to participating next year!

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